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I have gained imperative knowledge throughout my life on health and fitness, but I have also seen things from the customer side of things. I know what it is like to manage a work life balance, and I've had personal training and bought many plans many times before I became one myself! I've also been a student! I know the strains and struggles of money, time and energy levels.

Is is my job, as a Personal Trainer, to make sure you get the most you can from the information and techniques I share with you. I will help you along your journey, and ensure you are on track to your goals. It's not easy, if it was, everyone would be able to do it! But I will push you and be there with you on the way to feeling body confident!

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Professional Qualifications:
  • Fully Qualified L2 & L3 Personal Trainer with Physiology, Anatomy and Nutrition
  • 1st Class (BA Hons) Business & Management
  • 3 years PT experience with great results
  • Sporting background
  • Recovered from EDONS (eating disorder - Anorexia / Bulimia - see 'My History' for more).
  • Passion for health and fitness
  • Positivity spreader

What I Offer:

    •  1:1 Personal Training
    • 2:1 Personal Training
    • Online Coaching / Fitness Plans
    • Lots of love and positivity :)

Who am I?

To cut a long story short, I'm a qualified Personal Trainer who has studied physiology, anatomy and nutrition amongst other things...

I graduated from university with a First Class degree in Business & Management in 2017 and relocated to London for a full time job in recruitment. After 8 months in London, (9-5 desk job, in-house recruitment for FMCG) I felt it was time to return home to my friends and family and pursue a career in what I am passionate for; health and fitness.

My life story...

"I have always been physically active, I've always been part of a team".

So... Going all the way back to the start, I was extremely lucky to go to an all girls private school in Newcastle, where I was part of the Netball, Hockey and Athletics teams. I also took part in Swimming, Gymnastics and Trampolining outside of school. I took Netball quite seriously up until I was about 17; I played for my school 1st team and was captain on two occasions, a club team (where I was captain for one season), the Tyne & Wear County team, Northumbria Regional team and I also went to England trials! (Safe to say my mum was sick of all the taxi driving!) I could have had a Netball career, but...

At the age of 17, when I was studying my A Levels, life stresses took over. Rather than focussing my time and energy into Netball, using it as an escape, I felt my physical ability was reduced when my mind was stressed and I was too tired to keep it up, so I quit!

I went to University (College) in September 2013 I joined the Competitive Cheerleading Society. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I started cheering with my team and soon realised it would be a lot easier lifting and throwing the Flyers (girls) if I was stronger... This was when I decided to get a gym membership...

At first I didn't really know what I was doing so I just used the machines in the gym, but as my physical ability started to increase, I started to research how to get better, stronger and faster. I developed a huge passion for fitness and nutrition during this time and was constantly researching and keeping up with Bloggers and Vloggers as well as investing in Personal Trainers.

In my third year of university I completed a placement, (a year in industry). Being away from home, having lots of responsibility at work, my first salary and first real experience of bills to pay and also having university deadlines, I was extremely stressed and became depressed. I turned to a coping mechanism which had been present throughout my life, from the age of about 13.

After around 4 months of lessening my intake, colleagues started to express their concern. I knew deep down something was wrong but I chose to ignore it for a while longer. One night while I was driving home, I became extremely dizzy and had to pull over. I knew I had to do something about my intake or if this were to continue, it wasn't just a risk to me! 

My first attempt at getting help...

My best friend went with me to the Doctors and I was shunned away; the doctor basically said it was all in my head and I needed to just eat and stop being silly. Part of me was relieved she did nothing, the other part was so angry and frustrated because I knew there was something wrong and knew it had already spiralled out of control; at this point, I was only drinking black coffee and if I was dizzy, I was only consuming 200 calories a day. I felt weak, moody, dizzy and sick.

2 months later, when I reached a low of 7stone 5lbs I was diagnosed with Anorexia in January of 2016 and due to the pressure from loved ones to eat, I also started turning to bulimia. I went to numerous counselling sessions, and started to slowly uncover the reasons for why I was doing this. I started to test myself, and relax a little more. I chose not to torture myself in my head after I ate something (like a 10 cal jelly pot...). I managed for my final year, but I still said awful things to myself in my head, I wasn't comfortable in my skin for the whole year, but I was eating healthier, still not 100% but better, I was going to the gym and looking better.

After graduation, I also started going to a Personal Trainer when I moved back home. They put me on a nutrition plan which was to build up my muscle again, but to get lean too. I trusted him and followed the plan and started to build up muscle very quickly. Although I was extremely strict with my food at this point, I was eating really well, eating the right amount of carbohydrates, which I was terrified of before for no reason at all, protein and even fats! After about 10 weeks of this, I was eventually straying off the plan and treating myself to a beer, a meal with friends and didn't torture myself after! I went on holiday with my family to Menorca and completely came off the diet plan. I was eating so well, but also treating myself occasionally to burgers, beers, cookies, brownies and I felt amazing. The only time the restriction now rears it's head is when I am having a bad day, or struggling to cope with mental battles. But I never let it win, I'm in control, I will eat and not let it win! And it never has since!

Here I am, a year later, with an outstanding degree qualification, recovered from an eating disorder and even though the pressure of going self employed is stressful, I am still extremely happy in my mind, skin and life. The majority of my happiness I believe comes from my healthy lifestyle; healthy body, healthy mind! So I am hoping to help you all get a healthier life, more positive mindset, and hopefully provide you with some entertainment along the way.