Frankie G Clark

I’ve always been heavily involved in fitness; at 12 I was playing top level netball for school, club and county teams, and scouted for England at 15. At university I fancied a change. Having done gymnastics as a youngster, I wanted to bring this back into my life, so pursued Cheerleading and have done for 6 years. 

Alongside my passion with sport was an eating disorder. From 13 I struggled with many things and sadly this was how I coped. At second year in university I had my second Anorexia relapse which had me extremely ill, to a fragile weight where I lost my periods. This was not only caused by stress but I had spent thousands on bad personal training, online plans, supplements, teas and fad diets. I was overwhelmed with the amount of information that seemed to conflict.

With a 5 month waitlist and inability to go private, my only option was to educate myself on nutrition and training to understand how you can achieve the body you desire healthily without causing long-term impacts. This was how I fell into personal training.

Now, with over 3 years of experience as a personal trainer, my goal is to use my knowledge and personal experiences to help others on their respective journeys. I want to help people to feel confident with themselves and their appearance. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or just to get a bit fitter, I can help. One other thing I can guarantee is that I will always try to bring a ray of sunshine to your life!


What You Get

Customised workout plans

Customised workout plans

  • Gym, home or outdoor workout
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Workouts tailored to your goals
  • Video exercise demos

Customised nutrition plans

Customised nutrition plans

  • Bespoke recipes designed based on your requirements
  • Recipe pictures, ingredients and instructions
  • Concise calorie targets
  • Vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, and gluten-free options

Advanced tracker system

Advanced tracker system

  • Your own tracking page easily accessible through my app
  • Measurement tracking
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Tracking information used to adjust your meal and workout plan

Dedicated 1-1 coaching

Dedicated 1-1 coaching

  • 1-1 coaching from me on a daily basis
  • Chat and video functionalities via my app
  • Updated workout and meal plan every 4 weeks based on your progression
  • Access to all-in-one app



The best trainer hands down! The meal plans are so easy to follow, especially with a busy lifestyle and it doesn’t even feel like I’m on a diet! She always keeps in touch to see how I’m doing which really helps to keep me track and is always there to motivate me and answer any questions when I need – it’s so much more than having a PT session every week!! I really enjoy my sessions, I feel so comfortable and she really pushes me to give my all; I always feel great afterwards! I’m already seeing a difference in myself in a week, I can’t wait to see the results in a few months time​

- Gráinne Cross

Taylor has wide knowledge base relating to training and diet. Her shape says it all. I am an MMA fighter and she’s even capable of taking me on the pads giving me good work out. Very friendly and extremely motivating

- Brad Tarren

Frankie is amazing at what she does and couldn’t thank her for everything she’s not just a pt she’s a friend who keeps you going and makes sure you are always feeling your best !! ❤️ in only 7 pt sessions I feel 100% better already and feel so confident, couldn’t thank the girl anymore 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼​

- Chloe Forrest

Frankie is absolutely amazing! I purchased her almighty plan and within a 12 days have lost 2 inches around my thighs and 1/2 an inch around my waist. She is soo supportive and always contacts me to see how I am doing with the plan. I can’t wait to see my results by the end!

- Sophie Reay​





Transform yourself

Customised workout plans

Customised meal plans

Track your progression

1-to-1 coaching

Applying is non-commital


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